Technical Features and Roles of Cobalt-57 Flood Sources for Daily Quality Control of Gamma Cameras

Kei Wagatsuma, Kenta Miwa, Kenta Akimoto, Hiroyuki Tsushima, Noriaki Miyaji, Takuro Umeda, Taisuke Murata, Tomohiro Takiguchi, Mitsuru Koizumi
2014 Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology  
Quality control (QC) detects changes in the performance of gamma cameras that could adversely affect interpretations of clinical studies. We used plate and sheet 57 Co flood sources to measure extrinsic uniformity during daily QC. Each source, when placed on the top of a collimated detector, allowed the acquisition of uniform images from both detectors, thus reducing the amount of time needed to perform daily QC. No serious problems with the gamma camera system were revealed by visual checks,
more » ... d changes in detector sensitivity were rapidly determined by observing daily variations in the measured values of extrinsic uniformity. Furthermore, 57 Co flood sources confer advantages in that they shorten the time required for preparation of flood sources and reduce the consequent exposure of medical staff to radiation.
doi:10.6009/jjrt.2014_jsrt_70.2.148 pmid:24573229 fatcat:rktdrhlfuzdchggafzrxzj4g4e