Some Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Alcyonaceans

Bernard Tursch
1976 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Sesquiterpenes, diterpenes and sterols found in Alcyonaceans are briefly reviewed. Their biogenetical origin, their distribution and their biological significance are discussed. Coral reefs are scattered in tropical shallow waters and their bulky, fleshy colonies yield large proportions of covering about 190,000,000 km2. It has been estimated that extractable organic matter. Indeed, alcyonaceans seem to the area of the reefs themselves is comparable to that of be the largest single contributors
more » ... single contributors to the biomass of many all cultivated land on earth."2 Thprimary productivity of Indo-Pacific reefs, a view supported by recent careful reef the reefs varies from 1500 to 35b0 g of carbon/m2/yr: this transect studies.6 is a hundred times more than that of the surrounding seas In addition to their ponderal importance, Octocorallia
doi:10.1351/pac197648010001 fatcat:m3ydc55navh4hgz5ct3j2nm6da