Basic Approaches Of Development Of Data Center Protection Systems
Базові підходи розвитку систем захисту центру центру обробки даних

A. V. Kropachev, Bell Integrator USA Automation Solution Department Manager USA, Colorado, D. O. Zuev, Independent Consultant Lead Arcitect, Network and Cloud USA, Colorado
2018 Naukovì dopovìdì Nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu bìoresursiv ì prirodokoristuvannâ Ukraïni  
Data Center cyberprotection methods based on host-based intrusion prevention systems and network based intrusion prevention systems were considered. Basic algorithm of intrusion prevention system functioning and operational readiness evaluation which includes objects of analysis, procedures and evaluation indicators was discussed. It was shown that procedures to be done by Data Center cyber-protection system are identification of the event, signatures database management and denial management.
more » ... valuation of intrusion prevention system efficiency was proved to be based on errors' numbers and scalability. Thereby it should include accuracy, robustness, performance and scalability parameters. Main prevention systems which show model of detection systems interaction with monitored environment events were discussed. Specifically detection strategy based classification which includes cyberattack signatures analysis, anomalies analysis, hybrid strategy, detection system behavior based classification which includes active behavior, passive behavior, monitored environment based classification which includes local Техніка і енергетика АПК Кропачьов А. В., Зуєв Д. О. № 2 (72), 2018 Наукові доповіді НУБіП України
doi:10.31548/dopovidi2018.02.025 fatcat:pqtzjtqlnrbvzjkl6byf6k6fqa