Baryogenesis with higher dimension operators

Clifford Cheung, Koji Ishiwata
2013 Physical Review D  
We propose a simple model of baryogenesis comprised of the standard model coupled to a singlet X via higher dimension operators O. In the early universe, X is thermalized by O mediated scattering processes before it decouples relativistically and evolves into a sizable fraction of the total energy density. Eventually, X decays via O in an out of equilibrium, baryon number and CP violating process that releases entropy and achieves baryogenesis for a broad range of parameters. The decay can also
more » ... The decay can also produce a primordial abundance of dark matter. Because X may be as light as a TeV, viable regions of parameter space lie within reach of experimental probes of neutron-antineutron oscillation, flavor physics, and proton decay.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.88.017901 fatcat:iki3h27srbdfjdnn5d4hvbz6du