The efficiency upgrading of the high angle belt bulk conveyor

V. N. Makarov, S. Ya. Davydov, V. M. Tauger, N. V. Makarov
The high angle belt conveyor with the cross ridge partitions is proposed in the article which allows to increase significantly not only its belt angle but also the transported weight cargo at the expense of the more effective flling and resistance to the force of gravity. The methodology of the high angle belt conveyor calculation is fnalized with regard to the defning of the forces and strains which influence the pressing lever. The graphical and mathematical models are proposed to depict the
more » ... osed to depict the force interaction between the substructure elements and the transported weight load. The equation was derived for the maximum bending moment due to the conveyor structural features which now allows to calculate both the geometrical parameters of the press lever and the necessary compressed spring force. Taking into account the friction coefcient, the force of gravity and the additional force which is transmitted on both the diaphragm and the conveying belt the optimal range of the conveyor's belt angle was defned which provides the material consumption reduction at the designed productivity comparing with the conventional conveyors.Ill.4. Ref. 8.
doi:10.17073/1683-4518-2018-9-10-13 fatcat:inugdm4d3jaerj2irpz7h5t5uy