TRAC Analysis of the Crystal River Unit-3 Plant Transient of February 26, 1980 [chapter]

P. Coddington, G. J. E. Willcutt
1984 Anticipated and Abnormal Plant Transients in Light Water Reactors  
This paper describes the /implicationof the TRAC-PD2 and TRAC-PF1 codes to analyze the Crystal River transient. The PD2 and PF1 analyses used the thr~~e-dimensional and one-dimensional vessel models, respectively. Both calculations predicted the plant depressurization causel by the open PORV and the subsequent repressurization caused by (losing the P@RV and continuing high--pressureinjection flow. Also, natural circulation was calculated in loop B follo!ling reestablishment of feedwater to the
more » ... f feedwater to the loop-B steam generator, After system repressurization, the codes calculated that pref,surewas relieved through the oafety valves, and an Intermitt<;nt flow occurred in loop A because of high-pressure-injection-ilriven density variations.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4684-4799-6_52 fatcat:zwb643slafbhffhqas5lharsdm