Modeling and Simulation of Blood Flow in Tapered Stenosed Arteries in the Presence of Externally Applied Transverse Magnetic Field

B Veena, Ph Scholar
2017 Arundhati S Warke International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System IJEECS ISSN 2348-117X   unpublished
The effect of transverse magnetic field applied externally on stenosed tapered artery has been studied to find the behaviour of blood flow. The laminar, incompressible and fully developed flow of blood is studied taking into account the variable viscosity. The blood is considered as Non Newtonian in core region and Newtonian in peripheral region which resembles the real life situation. The constitutive equation of blood is represented by Herschel-Bulkley model in core region. The simulations
more » ... The simulations are carried out for one of the important flow characteristics axial velocity and the behaviour of blood flow is analyzed. Numerical results are reported for different values of the physical parameters of interest. It has been observed that axial velocity is affected in tapered stenosed artery and can be regulated with the help of transverse magnetic field applied externally.