Abdul Najib
2020 Komunitas: jurnal pengembangan masyarakat Islam  
Current model of dakwah has to deal with complexity of challenges. In tacking such complexity, relevant and contextual approaches are necessarily needed. One of them is social capital based approach. This approach highlights aspects of trust and honesty, norm and values, networking, solidarity, responsibility, local wisdom, local culture, harmony and quality of life. The use of this approach has already been able to answer the challenge of current Dakwah. From the perspective of social capital,
more » ... of social capital, the use of basic values from it contributes to the dai's credibility building. This credibility results in sustainable activities of dakwah and therefore, creates more effective results. The effectiveness of sustainable dakwah emphasizes on efforts to set up good self-image for the da'i and improved relevant relational patterns with the mad'u.
doi:10.20414/komunitas.v9i2.2193 fatcat:7nczgxazorhwtcsitmp43h6anq