Control of entanglement between two atoms by the Stark shift

Hu Yao-Hua, Fang Mao-Fa
2010 Chinese Physics B  
Considering a quantum model consisting of two effective two-level atoms and a single-mode cavity, this paper investigates the entanglement dynamics between the two atoms, and studies the effect of the Stark shift on the entanglement. The results show that, on the one hand the atom-atom entanglement evolves periodically with time and the periods are affected by the Stark shift; on the other hand, the two atoms are not disentangled at any time when the Stark shift is considered, and for large
more » ... , and for large values of the Stark shift parameter, the two atoms can remain in a stationary entangled state. In addition, for the initially partially entangled atomic state, the atom-atom entanglement can be greatly enhanced due to the presence of Stark shift. These properties show that the Stark shift can be used to control entanglement between two atoms.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/19/7/070302 fatcat:pihq3w2zsregjc7oyodv5o2lu4