I. V. Karapetyants
2018 World of Transport and Transportation  
European experts believe that development of high-speed rail requires upgrading of existing technologies and transport infrastructure, changing organization of traffic, and control and management system. In addition, new standards of safety, environmental friendliness, sustainability, better means of signaling and control are needed. It is believed that the US rail cargo traffic service has made progress through specially allocated tracks and reduced downtime. In Europe, introduction of such
more » ... jects is still impossible, which leads to long delays in rail cargo delivery. Downtime is due to the fact that priority is given to passenger trains, as well as to violations in operation of signaling systems, inefficiency of loading and unloading of goods. At the same time, organization of services in the sphere of express delivery of goods in Europe is considered as the most important task that will result in reduction of technical and bureaucratic barriers at the national borders, and will help to attract new markets, clients, customers to the railway sector. Keywords: high-speed cargo traffic, railway transportation, communication control systems, traffic delay, regularity of transportation, speed of delivery of goods, high-speed traffic mode.
doi:10.30932/1992-3252-2018-16-4-10 fatcat:x4tt5ngdcbe3jgsbm7eha5tqva