Effects on applying Micro-Film Case-Based Learning model in pediatrics education [post]

Jinmin Zhao, Xun Chen, Yuan Pan, Xiuqi Chen, Qiuwen Wei
2020 unpublished
Background: By establishing an innovative teaching model, teachers and students can optimize the education outcome. Lecture-Based Learning (LBL) model has long been widely used as main teaching method in medical course in Chinese culture with a positive result of grades, however, negative of practice. Case-Based Learning (CBL) model modified it by focusing on clinical case study, yet with its limitations. The aim of our study is to discuss the effect of applying a comprehensive renewal CBL
more » ... ve renewal CBL model: Micro-Film Case Based Learning (MF+CBL) Model, in pediatrics theoretical course in senior year students under Chinese culture.Methods: Experimental research was conducted by parallel group control study. The total sample was 104 senior year students (Chinese) majoring in clinical medicine from Guangxi Medical University. The experimental group was intervened by MF+CBL model, while the control group by LBL model. Both process and result were assessed after 8-week courses, by questionnaires of Student Self-Assessment, Satisfaction Survey and Final examination.Results: The outcome of experimental group generally surpassed control group in Student Self-Assessment, Satisfaction Survey, and Final examination. The open question at the end of the questionnaire yet unfolded a fact that a small number of students were not used to the MF+CBL model due to its time and energy consuming feature.Conclusions: MF+CBL model was an innovative teaching method, compared with LBL, with a better contribution of comprehensive quality development,which offered an alternative model to optimize the capacity of future pediatrics doctors.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-21438/v1 fatcat:iig2o4mmwvfmpealjm7rorgize