Ultra Neutrosophic Crisp Sets and Relations

Hewayda Elghawalby, A Salama
In this paper we present a new neutrosophic crisp family generated from the three components' neutrosophic crisp sets presented by Salama [4]. The idea behind Salam's neutrosophic crisp set was to classify the elements of a universe of discourse with respect to an event "A" into three classes: one class contains those elements that are fully supportive to A, another class contains those elements that totally against A, and a third class for those elements that stand in a distance from being
more » ... ance from being with or against A. Our aim here is to study the elements of the universe of discourse which their existence is beyond the three classes of the neutro-sophic crisp set given by Salama. By adding more components we will get a four components' neutrosophic crisp sets called the Ultra Neutrosophoc Crisp Sets. Four types of set's operations is defined and the properties of the new ultra neutrosophic crisp sets are studied. Moreover, a definition of the relation between two ultra neutrosophic crisp sets is given.