Digital health information seeking of migrant populations – a scoping review

J Dratva, A Zysset
2020 European Journal of Public Health  
Background As societies and health systems are increasingly digitally transformed, many health information are provided digitally. Digital health information may reduce barriers to health systems known to be more common in persons with a migrant than native origin. We performed a scoping literature to evaluate evidence on digital information seeking by migrant populations. Methods In January 2020 we conducted a literature search (Web of Science, MEDLINE, CINAHL) using terms and synonyms for
more » ... ants, health, digital media and information seeking, limited to publications in English. Two researchers independently rated first titles and then abstracts for suitability, obtaining consensus at each step. Primary target group, health topic and related life phase, country, and primary study question were extracted from remaining manuscripts. Data on digital health information seeking will be extracted from full texts. Results After title and abstract screening 41 from 315 articles remained. 25 articles focused primarily on migrant populations, 16 ran analyses by migrant status or ethnicity. Dominant populations were Latinos, Hispanics and Asians. Studies were performed in North America (n = 32), Europe, Asia and Australia (each n = 3). Seven papers were on maternal and child health, four on child and adolescent and 30 on adult health. Use of digital technologies is very frequent in most migrant populations. Impact of digital health information vs. traditional information was seldom investigated. In Adults general health, HIV and Cancer were most frequent topics. Further data on impact, preferences, barriers, and context will be presented. Conclusions Studies indicate frequent use of digital health information both on general health and specific health topics. The many North American studies indicate an advanced digital transformation of health promotion and care. Full texts will further reveal potential and limitations of digital information seeking and services for migrants. Key messages Digital health information seeking is common in migrant populations. Data on digital health information seeking is as heterogenous as migrant populations themselves, current evidence is limited to allow recommendations on design and implementation of such services.
doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckaa165.083 fatcat:tkhircqzcrbm3hjkdv74527psu