Nonlinear Optimization of Well Production Considering Gas Lift and Phase Behavior

Miles R. Palke, Roland N. Horne
1997 SPE Production Operations Symposium   unpublished
This paper describes numerical techniques developed to determine the wellbore configuration that will optimize the life-time value of a property. The production history of a reservoir can be predicted by integrating a reservoir model, a well-bore flow model, a choke model, and a separator model. Changes in any production parameter, including the gas-lift configuration, will cause changes in the predicted production history. The numerical methods can find the combination of production parameters
more » ... that optimizes the net present value of the flowstream. The control parameters sampled in this work include tubing diameter, separator pressures, depth of gas injection, and volume of gas injected. Each of these parameters can be variable with time. The influence of these parameters upon the net present value is complicated by the feed-back nature of the gas-injection loop. This nonlinearity requires robust, efficient routines for optimization. Genetic Algorithm optimization techniques are shown to be both stable and efficient when used to optimize these sorts of nonlinear problems.
doi:10.2118/37428-ms fatcat:4igott7qt5h6zkll5akemefcwa