On the different contributions of coherent structures to the spectra of a turbulent round jet and a turbulent boundary layer

2001 Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
This paper examines and compares spectral measurements from a turbulent round jet and a turbulent boundary layer. The conjecture that is examined is that both flows consist of coherent structures immersed in a background of isotropic turbulence. In the case of the jet, a single size of coherent structure is considered, whereas in the boundary layer there are a range of sizes of geometrically similar structures. The conjecture is examined by comparing experimental measurements of spectra for the
more » ... two flows with the spectra calculated using models based on simple vortex structures. The universality of the small scales is considered by comparing high-wavenumber experimental spectra. It is shown that these simple structural models give a good account of the turbulent flows.
doi:10.1017/s002211200100619x fatcat:fb7p6rw45nd4lmpge2bg2qnbo4