Jet aerated loop reactors as alternative to stirred tank reactors [article]

Sebastian Weber, Martin Sommerfeld, Jochen Büchs, Markus Pietzsch, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Jet loop reactors (JLRs) are an alternative reactor type for stirred tank reactors (STR). Compared to a stirred tank reactor powered by Rushton turbines, maximum oxygen transfer rates (OTRs) about 200 % higher were achieved in a jet loop reactor in a fed batch fermentation process. The assessment of the energetic oxygen transfer efficiency for a jet loop reactor yielded an improvement of almost 100 %. The jet loop reactor could be operated at mass transfer rates 67 % higher compared to a
more » ... ompared to a stirred tank. Thus, an increase of 40 % in maximum space time yield could be observed. It can be concluded that the outstanding mass transfer performance of JLRs helps to increase turnover rates and to save energy for agitation and aeration. However, mass transfer efficiency is only one parameter among multiple aspects with relevance for production costs. Even though OTRs could be increased by 100 % and the mass transfer was generated at an increased energy efficiency, only a cost advantage of 5.6 % was calculated.
doi:10.25673/14027 fatcat:dx37jx7tr5hsbo4wcurdfavvyy