A case of deciduoma malignum

J. K. Kelly, John H. Teacher
1898 The Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology  
Infirmary ; Lecturer on Gynmcology, Xt. Mungo's College ; and JOHN H. TEACHER, M.A., M.B. C.M., Underkcpeer i n the Pathological Uepartment of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University. (PLATES XXXV1.-XXXIX.) THE name Deciduoma Malignum has been used to designate the case which is described in the following pages, because it is the name under which Xanger first called attention to a malignant tumour of the uterus, developing in connection with child-birth or abortion, and because it is the name
more » ... use it is the name which has received most general acceptance as a designation for cases of this nature. As will appear from the following description the name is not a good one for the particular tuniour under consideration, which appears to have originated not from decidua, but from the epithelial cells covering the villi of the chorion.
doi:10.1002/path.1700050317 fatcat:ogzpww6p4bg2fj5suyiearplna