Review: Enhancing intramuscular fat development via targeting fibro-adipogenic progenitor cells in meat animals

X. Li, X. Fu, G. Yang, M. Du
2019 Animal  
In the livestock industry, subcutaneous and visceral fat pads are considered as wastes, while intramuscular fat or marbling fat is essential for improving flavor and palatability of meat. Thus, strategies for optimizing fat deposition are needed. Intramuscular adipocytes provide sites for lipid deposition and marbling formation. In the present article, we addressed the origin and markers of intramuscular adipocyte progenitors – fibro-adipogenic progenitors (FAPs), as well as the latest
more » ... s in mechanisms regulating the proliferation and differentiation of intramuscular FAPs. Finally, by targeting intramuscular FAPs, possible nutritional manipulations to improve marbling fat deposition are discussed. Despite recent progresses, the properties and regulation of intramuscular FAPs in livestock remain poorly understood and deserve further investigation.
doi:10.1017/s175173111900209x pmid:31581971 fatcat:zmiownuovbbm3jyzie2gi5p6ia