Fatma İNCE
2021 Dergi Karadeniz  
Women have had a very important position in Turkish society since the earliest Turkish states. Turkish women, who play a very active role in social life, have been the subject of many epics such as the Epic of Creation, and in these epics, women are placed in a more important place than men. Turkish women have been very influential in the functioning of the state as well as in social life. Almost no work has been done without women in Turkish society. Especially, women who are members of the
more » ... asty reach the power that can affect the fate of the state, sign inter-state agreements, mention their names in orders and decrees, have their own armies, go to war with this army when necessary, have their own treasures and iqta regions. are the clearest indicators. After the adoption of Islam, Turkish women preserved the same importance and value in social life and state life. When we look at the position of women in the Great Seljuk State, one of the important Turkish-Islamic States, we see that women, especially the wives of the rulers, had an important place in the social life and state functioning, as in the pre-Islamic Turkish History. Having an army and treasure of their own, Seljuk dynasty women played important roles in the domestic policy of the state as well as in foreign policy. They have always played a leading role in many important issues that determine the fate of the state, such as determining the heirs, choosing viziers, preparing orders and decrees. As in the example of Altuncan Hatun, the women of the Seljuk dynasty, who from time to time took part in the suppression of internal rebellions, acted as the absolute regent of the ruler in their power. These powers of the women of the dynasty sometimes caused troublesome processes in the state. In this study, the effects and roles of the women of the dynasty in the state's internal politics in the Great Seljuk State will be examined. визирей, подготовка приказов и указов. Пример Алтунджана Хатун показывает, что женщины из династии Сельджуков, которые время от времени принимали участие в подавлении внутренних восстаний, выступали в качестве абсолютных регентов правителя икты (наднла). Эти полномочия женщин из династии иногда вызывали в государстве неприятные процессы. В нижеследующем исследовании будут изучены влияние и роль женщин из правящей династии во внутренней политике государства Великих Сельджуков.
doi:10.17498/kdeniz.943478 fatcat:vuhh35dsbnhunlmetis7wiqw4q