+A Methodology for Embedding Iris Image into Hand Vein Image by Water Marking Technology for Data Security

Peddiboyina Harish, D Subba, M Rao, Tech
Biometric recognition is note worthy method fore cognition of person in recent years. Here, a common concern is biometric security which is the privacy issues derived from storage and misuses of the template data. In order to handle this issue, researches have proposed different algorithms to be confronted by security of biometric systems. Two major ways are, (1) Encryption, and (2) watermarking by securing biometric images and templates. In this paper, we utilize a watermarking technology to
more » ... prove the template security in biometric authentication. According to, two modalities such as, iris and hand vein is taken to preserve the characteristics of liveliness and permanency. Our proposed technique for embedding of iris data to hand vein images using watermarking technology to improve template protection in biometric recognition is done based on the following steps, i) pre-processing of iris and hand vein images, ii) iris template extraction, iii) Vein extraction, iv) Embedding of iris pattern to vein images based on region of interest, v) Storing embedded images. In the recognition phase, iris pattern is extracted from the embedded image and then, matching is done with query images. The final decision of authentication is done based on the product rule-based score level fusion. The implementation is done using MATLAB.