Water requirement and water use efficiency in Eucalyptus flocktoniae (Maiden) Maiden and E. leucoxylon F. Muell

Mohammad Hadi Rad, Mohammad Hasan Assareh, Mehdi Soltani
2017 تحقیقات جنگل و صنوبر ایران  
The response of plants to water available for strategy codification of water resources and irrigation is very important. In this study, evapotranspiration, crop coefficient, yield and water use efficiency in two species of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus flocktoniae (Maiden) Maiden, E. leucoxylon F. Muell.) through lysimeter experiments were determinated under different soil moisture levels (100%, 70% and 40% of field capacity). The research was designed as a factorial experiment on a completely
more » ... ed design with three replications in Yazd climatic conditions. The results showed that with increasing soil moisture in both species, evapotranspiration increased, so that there were significant differences between the different levels of soil moisture treatments (p < 0.001). E. flocktoniae and E. leucoxylon had water requirement in 100% of field capacity treatment, 1185 mm and 1617 mm with 0.65 and 0.88 crop coefficients, respectively. Dry matter produced in all parts and the water use efficiency (WUE) of E. leucoxylon were significantly higher than that of E. flocktoniae, Water use efficiency measured in E. flocktoniae and E. leucoxylon, were 1.22 g/lit and 1.41 g/lit, respectively. Although the growth rate of E. leucoxylon is faster than E. flocktoniae , therefore its water requirement is higher , but considering an appropriate mechanisms for drought adaptation, it could be introduced for afforestation and wood production in arid and semi-arid regions.
doi:10.22092/ijfpr.2017.112878 doaj:c7a85f8f2b7d4f3c99f73a4be9fa7c5b fatcat:vh2apbkibfcc7llv77y4jzlkmq