Audience and complexity aware live video encoders orchestration

Abdelmajid Moussaoui, Thomas Guionnet, Mickaël Raulet
Video encoding services are known to be computationally intensive. In a software environment, it is desirable to be able to adapt to the available computing resources. Therefore, modern live video encoders have the "elasticity" feature. That is, their algorithmic complexity adapts automatically to the number and capabilities of available CPU cores. In other words, the more CPU are allocated to a live video encoder, the higher the encoding performance. Until recently, the elasticity feature was
more » ... sed as an ad-hoc adaptation to uncontrollably varying conditions. In this paper, mechanisms allowing to take control of the computing resource are presented. Two real-time resource optimizations strategies are then proposed. The first one is based on video content complexity and manages the video head-end costs, while the second relates to audience measurements and targets network bandwidth usage optimization.
doi:10.18580/setep.2022.47.3 fatcat:cudtgwlqajfzzlkg4qatf5tvxa