Nonmonotonic Trust Management for P2P Applications [article]

M. Czenko, H. Tran, J. Doumen, S. Etalle, P. Hartel, J. den Hartog
2005 arXiv   pre-print
Community decisions about access control in virtual communities are non-monotonic in nature. This means that they cannot be expressed in current, monotonic trust management languages such as the family of Role Based Trust Management languages (RT). To solve this problem we propose RT-, which adds a restricted form of negation to the standard RT language, thus admitting a controlled form of non-monotonicity. The semantics of RT- is discussed and presented in terms of the well-founded semantics
more » ... r Logic Programs. Finally we discuss how chain discovery can be accomplished for RT-.
arXiv:cs/0510061v1 fatcat:zufi2pekwne5pdzpbgyg2pi7f4