Study on Fingerprint of Crude and ProcessedEpimediumby UPLC-PDA-MS

Fenxia Zhu, Yonggang Zhao, Xiaobin Jia, Yingjie Wei, Zhenhai Zhang, Gulinaer Wulazihan
2012 Huaxue xuebao  
The fingerprint chromatograms of E. koreanum Nakai and E. pubescens Maxim were established by UPLC. The results showed that the fingerprints of two species were significantly different. There were 35 common peaks in crude drug of E. koreanum Nakai in which 26 peaks were identified, and 13 common peaks in crude drug of E. pubescens Maxim in which 9 peaks were identified, by MS respectively. Additionally, there were 5 differences in fingerprint between crude drug and processed product. This
more » ... with desirable rapidness, simplity and repeatability can be used for the quality evaluation of crude and processed Epimedium.
doi:10.6023/a1105271 fatcat:3k2lqdjvkbhalhlwk5ld5oe32u