Dirac Particles in Coulomb Like Field in FLRW–Space

S. K. Sharma, P. R. Dhungel, U. Khanal
2021 Scientific World  
Behaviour of the Dirac particle in Coulomb like field in FLRW space is investigated. Firstly, the Maxwell equations, in terms of the vector potentials are solved to identify the Lorentz and Coulomb like gauges. The radial Coulomb like potential is solved in terms of Legendre functions. Then the Dirac equation is generalized to include this potential and the angular part is separated and solved. The radial and temporal parts of the mass less case is also separated and solved. But the massive
more » ... But the massive case remains coupled. This is still reduced to the case where the Dirac particle can be represented as being in a combined gravitational and electric potential. This effective potential is found to develop an attractive well, which may require a revisit to the recombination era.
doi:10.3126/sw.v14i14.34975 fatcat:ehlxfrm6kbadtdiyfnchcptcae