Expression and localisation of Rab44 in immune-related cells change during cell differentiation and stimulation

Mitsuko Tokuhisa, Tomoko Kadowaki, Kohei Ogawa, Yu Yamaguchi, Mizuho A. Kido, Weiqi Gao, Masahiro Umeda, Takayuki Tsukuba
2020 Scientific Reports  
Rab44 is a large Rab GTPase that contains a Rab-GTPase domain and some additional domains, such as EF-hand and coiled-coil domains at the N-terminus. Our previous study showed that Rab44 negatively regulates osteoclast differentiation by modulating intracellular calcium levels; however, aside from those findings, there is little information concerning Rab44 on other cells or tissues. In this study, we showed that Rab44 was highly expressed in bone marrow cells among various mouse tissues.
more » ... ouse tissues. Immunohistochemical studies indicated that Rab44 was detectable by only a small number of cells in the immune-related tissues and that Rab44 was partially detected in CD117-positive cells, but not in Stem cell antigen 1-positive cells in the bone marrow. Rab44 expression levels were decreased during differentiation of immune-related cells, such as neutrophils, macrophages, and dendritic cells compared with bone marrow cells. Although endogenous Rab44 in macrophages was localised in lysosomes, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation led to partial translocation to early endosomes and the plasma membrane. Moreover, Rab44 expression levels were altered by treatment with various immunomodulators, including LPS. These results indicate that Rab44 expression and localisation in bone marrow cells and macrophages alters with cell differentiation and stimulation.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-67638-7 pmid:32612275 fatcat:xrw7xz33gneghgidq7uavkq62i