A Fuzzy Swarm Optimized Approach For Piece Selection In Bit Torrent Like Peer To Peer Network

M. Padmavathi, R. M. Suresh
2015 Zenodo  
Every machine plays roles of client and server simultaneously in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Though a P2P network has many advantages over traditional client-server models regarding efficiency and fault-tolerance, it also faces additional security threats. Users/IT administrators should be aware of risks from malicious code propagation, downloaded content legality, and P2P software's vulnerabilities. Security and preventative measures are a must to protect networks from potential sensitive
more » ... ormation leakage and security breaches. Bit Torrent is a popular and scalable P2P file distribution mechanism which successfully distributes large files quickly and efficiently without problems for origin server. Bit Torrent achieved excellent upload utilization according to measurement studies, but it also raised many questions as regards utilization in settings, than those measuring, fairness, and Bit Torrent's mechanisms choice. This work proposed a block selection technique using Fuzzy ACO with optimal rules selected using ACO.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1099598 fatcat:ctylfy443bh5rjz6e432mhppjq