Development of a Technological Image of a Stone Crushing Machine

The article explores the structure of the grinding machine, which is a pole to the body, and the disk to the disk with a screwdriver and a toothbrush, and to the shaft with a disc and a screwdriver. On the upper side of the body of the machine is placed an anchor at an inclined angle. The tooth is used as a working element and can be adjusted using a rack in the process of researching the disc. We also paid attention to the creation of a machine: the analysis of scientific resources in this
more » ... , the technological process being studied in a laboratory setting. The following research has been carried out to develop a model of stone crusher model and some of its dimensions: an overview of the existing technology of building work, the study of some properties of stones, the optimal methods of building work, the diameter and weight of stone. The technological process of the machine is studied; the performance of the new machine is calculated. Experimental tests have shown that the total crushing of a machine with a 2.0-fold increase compared to existing machines will increase by 2.0 times. Thus, based on the results of our preliminary experiments, we came to the following conclusions: The creation of a grinding machine allows for the shortest period of construction work. Unless the creation of a crushing machine does not require the creation of precious stone crushers.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.e2197.039520 fatcat:b2bi3wtxdvhsxh53xiy67yyeqe