Metodologías para la resolución y el estudio de casos en bioética: una aproximación para la construcción de una metodología en la experimentación con animales

Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo
2014 Revista Lasallista de Investigación  
Palabras clave: bioética, metodología, experimentación con animales, ética personalista ontológica, virtud, resolución de casos. Methodologies to solve and study cases in bioethics: an approach to build a methodology for experiments with animals Abstract Six methodologies to solve cases in bioethics are revised. The first one in proposed by profesor Diego Gracia, who develops a four steps procedure for moral reasoning; the second one is proposed by María Martín, and it is comprised of two
more » ... to analyze bioethical cases. It is an important methodology proposed from ontological personalism and human rights; the third one is the methodology proposed by Francisco León, which synthetizes Jonsen´s, Siegler´s, and Winsdale´s proposals, plus that by Diego Gracia to systematize the facts and the deliberation of the action courses; the fourth is proposed by Gloria Tomás and Garrido, and consists of an interdisciplinary methodology to solve bioethical dilemmas. This model clarifies the man´s inquiries concerning nature. From this point of view it is an interesting model for the reflections about our work, as animals are a part of that nature. This model proposes some kind of combined wisdom. The fifth methodology is the one proposed by Lorda and others who, in six steps, found a way to solve specific dilemmas in bioethics. Finally, the methodology proposed by Altiset and others is presented as one that integrates aspects for specific cases and elaborates specific rules according to the general principles of bioethics. A remarkable aspect of this model is the intervention of prudence in every moment, to make decisions.
doi:10.22507/rli.v11n2a14 fatcat:vmpanefbm5h5rphrx4ii46hkzi