Performance evaluation and optimization of a fast tool servo for single point diamond turning machines

Arthur C. Miller, Jr., James F. Cuttino, H. Philip Stahl
1997 Optical Manufacturing and Testing II  
This paper describes a new, fast tool servo system designed for fabrication of non-rotationally symmetric components using single point diamond turning machines. A prototype device, designed for flexible interfacing to typical machine tool controllers, will be described along with performance testing data of tilted flat and off-axis conic sections. Evaluation data show that servo produced surfaces have an RMS roughness less than 175 angstroms (2-200 pn spatial filter). Techniques for
more » ... the hysteretic effects in the piezoelectric actuator are also discussed. The nonlinear effects due to hysteresis are reduced using a dynamic compensator module in conjunction with a linear controller. The compensator samples the hysteretic voltage/displacement relationship in real time and modifies the effective gain accordingly. Simulation results indicate that errors in the performance of the system caused by hysteresis in the system can be compensated and reduced by 90%. Experimental implementation results in an 80% reduction in the motion error caused by hysteresis, but peak-to-valley errors are limited by side effects from the compensation. The uncompensated servo system demonstrated a peak-to-valley error of less than 0.80 micrometer for an off-axis conic section turned on-axis.
doi:10.1117/12.295136 fatcat:okuuf3kfj5cmzg74rlcki4jpri