CO2 IOR in the Szank Field Using CO2 from Sweetening Plant

I. Remenyi, A. Szittar, G. Udvardi
1995 IOR 1995 - 8th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery   unpublished
Copyright 1895, Steering Committee of the Europeen IOR -Symposium . This pape r was presented at the M . European IOH -Symposium in Vienna, Austria, May 16 -17, 199 5 This paper was selected for presentation by the Steering Committee, follo win g review of information contained in e n abstract submitted by the a uthor(s) . Th e pa pe r, as pms ented hes not been reviewed by the Steering Committe e. Abstract Field scale C02 EOR operabons started in 1972 in Hunga ry. Partially miscible EOR
more » ... y was completed in the sandstone reservoirs of Budafa and Lovászi fields and recovery by artificial CO, gas cap has been accomplished in the carstic /cavemous limestone reservoir of the Nagylengyel field . A sweetening plant was built in the area between the Danube and Tisza to utilize the high CO, content natural gases. The "byproduct " of this plant is C0 2 gas. Using this gas immiscible CO, EOR operabon was realized in the SE zone of the Szank field. The injection of CO, started in 1992. The former production experiences could well be utilized disring the CO,? recovery. The paper presents the production technology, the results, the plant facilities, introduces the experiences gained disring the production and gives a summary of Hungarian experiences in the field of EOR recovery projects and reservoir management .
doi:10.3997/2214-4609.201406949 fatcat:pkymz2h2xrcwnohvedbxm7iiwy