Studies on Insecticidal Activity of Some Hydroxytriazene Derivatives

S. Kumar, Meenakshi Garg, J. S. Jodha, R. P. Singh, Neelam Pareek, R. S. Chauhan, A. K. Goswami
2009 E-Journal of Chemistry  
Nine hydroxytriazenes have been synthesized and screened for their insecticidal activity against one day oldDrosophila melanogasterMeig (Fruit fly). Out of all the nine compounds screened, 3-hydroxy-3-n-propyl-1-m-chlorophenyltriazene is the most active having LC50values 0.9847 ppm. The least active compound is 3-hydroxy -3-n-propyl-1-p-methylphenyltriazene, whose values are 16.52 ppm. In general, the LC50values range from 3.92 to 5.52 ppm.
doi:10.1155/2009/943576 fatcat:dkp7sgunc5dnjbynmioewy3tby