Pregnancy and Oral Pathology

Nafiou Idi, Mahamane Rhissa Moussa, Souleymane Aichatou Anahi, Kaka Yakoura Abba
2019 Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Dental pathologies during pregnancy can compromise the prognosis of pregnancy and that of the mother. We report a first-study of cases of association of pregnancy and oral pathology supported in the Department of Odonto-stomatology of the National Hospital of Niamey. Objective: To report epidemiology, treatment and prognosis of dental origin cervicofacial cellulitis associated with pregnancy. Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective and prospective study over 5 years from August 1st, 2013
more » ... m August 1st, 2013 to July 31, 2018 involving 21 pregnant women in the Odonto-stomatology Department of the National Hospital of Niamey (HNN). Results: During the study period, 585 patients were consulted in the Odonto-stomatology Department for cervicofacial tooth cellulitis of dental origin, 21 of them were pregnant women (3.39%). The average age of the pregnant patients was 29.57 years old, extrems 25 -29 years old. The average delay before consultation was 28.76 days. Majority patients were rural inhabitants The pathology happened in the third trimester of pregnancy (52.39%), second trimester (33.33%), in first (14.29%). This pathology was observed among disadvantaged socioeconomic class as housewives (85.71%) and uneducated women (61.90%). The lake of oral hygien was the main cause of cellulitis. We noted a history of periodontal disease (52.38%), fever upper 38˚C (61.90%), trismus (85.71%,) dysphonia (42.86%), odynophagia (23.81%), dysphagia (42.86%), dyspnea (33.33%), and cervicofacial swelling (100%.) The treatment was medico-surgical. The prognosis depended on the precocious treatment with 76.19% cured. But unfortunately 4 cases died (19.05%), still for birth (52.38%) and 9.52% abortion. Conclusion: Association dental origin cervicofacial cellulitis with pregnancy is dangerous with bad prognosis for the pregnancy and the mothers in Niger.
doi:10.4236/ojog.2019.911141 fatcat:brn2ir7p4rcprbabguvry2rtlm