Mathematical Modeling of the Differential Dynamics of the Galvanic Process of Restoring the Seats of the Main Supports of Autotractor Engines

Dmitryi Rozhkov, Evgenia Eltoshkina, Petr Ilyin, Olga Svirbutovich
2019 Proceedings of the International Conference on Aviamechanical Engineering and Transport (AviaENT 2019)   unpublished
Repair of agricultural machinery is one of the most important issues related to maintaining the efficiency of the fleet of vehicles used in the agricultural sector of the country. High equipment with high-performance machines and mechanisms obliges modern repair production to raise its technical level of repair technology, to improve in every way the organization of production, to expand the technical capabilities of production by introducing new technology and advanced technology. Mathematical
more » ... ology. Mathematical modeling based on the results of a sample of observations on the current evolution of the galvanic process development for a given technological product (cylinder block bearings) using the third-order spline approximation method, continuous interpolation of the state vector of the galvanic process is constructed. The method of constructing a mathematical model of the electroplating process allows us to raise the question of finding the optimal electrolysis mode in the process of restoring the seats of the engine bearings core blocks. In this case, the optimal electrolysis mode is understood as an electrolytic process, which, on the one hand, provides the specified quality indicators of electroplating, and on the other (simultaneously), minimizes the energy and material costs for its practical implementation. The results of operational tests confirmed the high wear resistance of the electroplated coating, which exceeds the wear resistance of the base material by 20-30%. Keywords-mathematical model, galvanic process, experiment, repair of agricultural machinery. In the restoration of parts, especially expensive, it is economically feasible, since the cost of the workpiece in the production is an average of 70 -75 % of the cost of the parts. Restoration of details is expedient and from the ecological point of view is ecologically destructive, power-consuming metallurgical cycle of production, which gives considerable
doi:10.2991/aviaent-19.2019.54 fatcat:gkrgbudqsffatfde3rvveavt7q