M.B. Opyr, S.R. Dobrovolska, S.B. Panchyshyn
2022 Тrаnscarpathian Philological Studies  
Modern world can hardly exist without the Internet, which has become a mandatory element of each field of life, from everyday communication to large business operation. The global effect of the net provides a lot of new opportunities for communication. In the past it took days or even weeks, whereas now the information is delivered immediately. A particular attention is paid to social networks, which are popular platforms for information exchange and communication between the users worldwide.
more » ... ers of social networks are of different social status, age and sex, but they are joint by common interests. While social networking, users try to maximum approach their communication to real time conditions and therefore they tend to simplify their language to be clear for everybody. In that context, one observes a great impact of the English language, which was the original language of such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Therefore, most contents in those planforms are much better expressed in English. It is one of the reasons for penetration of anglicisms into the language of Ukrainian users of social networks and the Internet generally. The research is devoted to the analysis of the reasons of a wide use of English borrowings, as well as reasons the Ukrainian Internet users do not use Ukrainian equivalents in their social networking. The authors of the research provide analysis of the English parts of speech, which are the most often borrowed and used in the Ukrainian Internet communication, as well as study the ways of English vocabulary adaptation to the rules of pronunciation and grammar of Ukrainian. It is worth noting the Internet communication is getting more and more popular and nowadays not only young and also elder generation of Ukrainian society actively communicate on those platforms as it is a great opportunity of fast exchange of information regardless of the distance between communicants. Thus, the language of social networks is getting global, involving more and more anglicisms, because English is a dominating language in the world.
doi:10.32782/tps2663-4880/2022.21.1.48 fatcat:nfcmdssdibarplxrqwbh5n7s6q