Mathavi Nadarajah, & Kamal, Solhaimi Fadzil
2015 SARJANA   unpublished
Whether it is seen as an exploitative industry preying upon the poor and vulnerable or a social need fulfilled by men and women who sell sexual services, there is a common victim that is often overlooked in the sex industry: the children of sex workers. This article aims to explore and understand their experiences, challenges and needs. The study interviewed 10 children of sex workers from Lorong Haji Taib, a well-known red light district in Kuala Lumpur. The findings highlight the negative
more » ... ht the negative effect of the industry on children, though it does not stop the children from being optimistic about their future. Among other things, they also communicated their constant fear of being discriminated against by larger society if found out to be children of sex workers. This study provides a voice for the children of sex workers and hopes that social work interventions will be developed along the lines of what they say is needed to improve their lives.