Effect of parallel velocity shear on the electrostatic ion-cyclotron instability in filamentary current channels

Erick Agrimson, Su-Hyun Kim, Nicola D'Angelo, Robert L. Merlino
2003 Physics of Plasmas  
The effect of magnetic field-aligned ion flow with a transverse flow velocity gradient ͑parallel velocity shear͒ on the excitation of the electrostatic ion cyclotron ͑EIC͒ instability in narrow current channels ͑widthϽion gyroradius͒ is studied experimentally in a double-ended Q machine. The presence of parallel velocity shear may lead to the excitation of the EIC instability even in current filaments too small to otherwise support the instability.
doi:10.1063/1.1604394 fatcat:4e4kfueuivcebaiymewq2setuq