The professionalization of the non-teaching agents of the National University of Cordoba and their relationship with the efficiency of the processes of liquidation of assets

Liliana Elena Pellizas
2016 Revista Administración Pública y Sociedad  
This paper is a brief description of the thesis presented as partial requirement for the degree of Master of Public Administration (Instituto de Investigación y Formación en AdministraciónPública – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) and refers to salary payment processes that take place in the respective areas of the Faculties and other organizational units of the National University of Cordoba (UNC). The overall objective was to establish the relationship between the professionalization levels
more » ... the administrative staff in these areas and the effectiveness with which the processes are performed in order to determine whether high levels contributes to improve it. The research was conducted on data collected from 2013 (quantitative information of mistakes committed in the units), 2014 (interviews with the actors involved in the processes) and 2015 (interviews with some of these actors after management changes). A transversal and a longitudinal analysis were made with the collected material. In the first case, units where the processes take place were compared using quantitative and qualitative information. The longitudinal analysis was carried out in the centralizing unit by comparing periods with professional and non professional administrative staff but just with qualitative information. After the analysis of the whole information, a clear conclusion was determined in the case of the transversal analysis and an interpretation of the contributions made by the actors involved in these processes was outlined for the longitudinal one. Also, other findings regarding what was investigated were described and valuable suggestions for the implementation of a new salary payment process were made as a contribution.
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