Testing neutrino instability with active galactic nuclei

P Keränen, J Maalampi, J.T Peltoniemi
1999 Physics Letters B  
Active galactic nuclei and gamma ray bursts at cosmological distances are sources of high-energy electron and muon neutrinos and provide a unique test bench for neutrino instability. The typical lifetime-to-mass ratio one can reach there is τ/m∼ 500 Mpc/cE_ν∼ 500 s/eV. We study the rapid decay channel ν_i→ν_j+ϕ, where ϕ is a massless or very light scalar (possibly a Goldstone boson), and point out that one can test the coupling strength of g_ijν_iν_j down to g_ij 10^-8 eV/m by measuring the
more » ... tive fluxes of ν_e, ν_μ and ν_τ. This is orders of magnitude more stringent bound than what one can obtain in other phenomena, e.g. in neutrinoless double beta decay with scalar emission.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)00862-x fatcat:pxop23337rb7nfbajbux3mxz3q