Antibacteria Assesement of Aframomum melegueta [roscoe] k. Schum [alligator pepper] Fruit on Bacteria Pathogen Isolated from the Urinary Tract

T. F. Abodunrin, M. K. Oladumoye, F. T. Borishade, E. B. Akande, O. I. Afolami
2020 Journal of Advances in Microbiology  
This study aims at assessing the Antibacterial activity of Aframomum melegueta against Urinary Tract bacteria. The study was carried out at the Microbiology department laboratory of the Federal University of technology, Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria, between February and June, 2018. Agar diffusion method was used in the susceptibility test, whie tube dilution method was used determination of Minimum Inhibitory concentration. The phytochemical analysis showed the presence of alkaloids, flavinoids,
more » ... aponins and tannins in both the Methanol and Pet-ether fruit extract, the result also showed that the concentration of all these compounds are higher in the Methanol extract than in the Pet-ether extract. The in-vitro Susceptibility test showed that E. coli, P. mirabilis, S. aureus were sensitive to methanol extract of Aframomum. melegueta at 100 mg/ml with E. coli showing the highest zone of Inhibition of 13.67 ± 0.24 mm, while all the organisms were resistant to Pet-ether extract at this concentration of 100 mg/ml except for E. coli with a zone of inhibition of 10.93 ± 0.07 mm at a highest concentration of 400 mg/ml. S. aureus was sensitive to Pet-ether showing a zone of inhibition of 16.97±0.09 mm while E. coli had 20.33 ± 0.23 mm, K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosa were resistant to both extract at all the tested concentration. Methanol Extract had MIC values of 50 mg/ml, 100 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml for E. coli, P. mirabilis, S. aureus respectively while the Pet-ether extract had an MIC values of 100mg/ml and 200 mg/ml for E. coli, and S. aureus respectively. The MBC values for Methanol Extract were 100 mg/ml, 200 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml for E. coli, P. mirabilis, S. aureus respectively while that of Pet-ether extract was 100 mg/ml for Escherichia coli.
doi:10.9734/jamb/2020/v20i230212 fatcat:eok53qk5tjejvan3w7jgario3e