Liquid-Induced Discharge of Polypropylene Microfiber Electret Filters

Albert Isaac Nazeeri
Polymer microfiber electret filters are the technology behind N95 and equivalent type respirators. Understanding how liquids interact with and discharge these filters would allow for the development of non-damaging liquid decontamination protocols. Previous work on liquid/filter interactions has been largely empirical with articles reporting the effect a specific liquid has on the filtration efficiency of a particular filter. This thesis proposes a theoretical model of liquid induced discharge
more » ... f polymer microfiber electret filters via the ideas of surface wetting and electrical conductivity. This model was tested, and validated, on commercially available polypropylene microfiber electret filters through wetting, thermally stimulated discharge (TSD), and filtration experiments.
doi:10.7907/f88b-x760 fatcat:tb4wiainqfchrbufaamd73rkve