Analysis of Recent Trend and Applications in Block Chain Technology

Vivekanadam B
2020 Journal of ISMAC  
Blockchain is a digital ledger in which each record known as blocks and that are combined in a single list known as a chain. It is regarded as Bitcoin's backbone technology. It is also regarded as cohesive collections of digital wallets. Blockchains are primarily used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other applications to record these transactions. A blockchain is commonly referred to as a collection of distributed databases that consists of all public transactions, records and digital
more » ... ents then that information is shared among the participants. Every transaction is verified and it cannot be removed. The main features of this technology are reliable, efficient operation, fault tolerance and scalability. Some of the applications are manufacturing, government and finance when the three properties met together (i.e., Efficiency, Scalability and Security). By using several computers, each transaction that is applied to a blockchain is validated. A peer-to-peer network is developed by these systems that are used to validate these forms of blockchain transactions. They work together to ensure that any transaction is legitimate until it is added to the blockchain, and invalid blocks cannot be added to the chain by these systems. When a new block is added, it can be connected to a previous block using a cryptographic hash and the chain cannot be broken and each block is recorded permanently. Blockchain can be used for an exchanging the transaction securely without an intermediate. It enables customer relationship and agile chain values and thereby integrating with IoT and Cloud technology. The functionality of distributed ledger is combined with blockchain security to solve the financial and non-financial industry problems. This paper proposes the blockchain technology with devices and creates a common platform and secure data communication.
doi:10.36548/jismac.2020.4.003 fatcat:5x6jbs5rdrbotmu6zhb3zymdly