The Effect Of Alcoholic Beverage Advertising On Youngster's Attitude Towards Drinking

Daniel Teshome
The objective of this research was to studying the effect of televised alcoholic beverage advertising and youngster's attitude towards drinking. A questionnaire, including five-point scale items, was designed based on previous research and distributed to three hundred eighty four (174 males and 210 females) youngsters in the range of 17-26 years of age and who lives in Addis Ababa. The participants were selected using stratified random sampling method. The findings of this study revealed that
more » ... udy revealed that watching TV alcohol advertisements is related with alcohol use. Gender of the adolescents was also related with alcohol use. Male participants, compared to females, scored high on Entertaining Presentation, informative and credibility scale items; hence they were more likely to use alcohol as compared to their female counterparts. The result also revealed that Entertaining Presentation of alcoholic beverage ads, informative of teenagers with characters of TV alcoholic beverage ads and Credibility of alcoholic beverage message derive youngsters attitude towards drinking. Moreover, Entertaining Presentation of alcoholic beverage TV ads, informative of alcoholic beverage ads to youngsters about alcohol use were found to be significant predictors of attitude towards drinking. In addition, the result from qualitative data also showed that TV alcohol commercials encouraged youngsters to use alcohol by showing, music, dance, humor and youthful lifestyle on TV alcohol ads. Moreover, youngsters perceived drinking alcohol use as healthy lifestyle due to the fact those advertisers sent only positive outcomes of alcohol. Based on the findings of the study it has been recommended that there should be counter-advertising or Brewery-Sponsored counter-advertising which teach youngsters about the hazard of alcohol drinking and abuse. Besides this study strongly suggest that the media houses and the broadcast agency should reduce youngster's exposure of alcoholic ads by setting strict time-slots which alcoholic beverages advertisements are be [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/17479 fatcat:6cbqqhpjlffevpesm36zb3i57q