Four- and Five-Body Scattering Calculations of Exotic Hadron Systems

Emiko Hiyama, Hideo Suganuma, Masayasu Kamimura
2007 Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement  
We study the five-quark system uudds̅ in the standard non-relativistic quark model by solving the scattering problem. Using the Gaussian Expansion Method (GEM), we perform the almost precise multi-quark calculations by treating a very large five-body modelspace including the NK scattering channel explicitly. Although a lot of pseudostates (discretized continuum states) with J^π=1/2^± and J^π=3/2^± are obtained within the bound-state approximation, all the states in 1.4-1.85 GeV in mass around
more » ... +(1540) melt into non-resonant continuum states through the coupling with the NK scattering state in the realistic case, i.e., there is no five-quark resonance below 1.85GeV. Instead, we predict a five-quark resonance state of J^π=1/2^- with the mass of about 1.9GeV and the width of Γ≃ 2.68MeV. Similar calculation is done for the four-quark system cc̅qq̅ (q=u,d) in connection with X^0(3872).
doi:10.1143/ptps.168.101 fatcat:w2a6jdxqxrfytp22zsvlixfd7i