Palmprint Biometric System using Line based Feature Extraction Methods

Sathish R, Baskar D, Vinod Kumar D
2021 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computing, Communication and Control System, I3CAC 2021, 7-8 June 2021, Bharath University, Chennai, India   unpublished
Biometrics is the study of estimating human qualities to confirm or recognize the personality of a person. Palmprint is one of the human physiological attributes acquiring consideration among analysts as the mean of security. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation (CASIA) database is used for investigations. Lines or boundaries carry vital information for object recognition. Principal lines, Wrinkles and Ridges are categorized as line features. Competent Line-based feature
more » ... -based feature extraction methods used for various object recognition are selected and discussed. The palmprint line features are extracted using Prewitt Edge Detector, Sobel operator, Canny Edge Detector, Kirsch Operator and Multiscale Edge Detector. In which Kirsch Operator performs good and achieves 94.95% accuracy for 1% of FAR and 94.85% accuracy for 2% of FAR.
doi:10.4108/eai.7-6-2021.2308682 fatcat:h4yhcmyzvnaplpypj7daq4uoy4