Intelligent Walking Stick for Elderly and Blind People

Shalini Singh, Dr. Balwinder Singh, C-DAC
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Mobility for blind and elderly people is a problem as they have to face many difficulties in their day to day life. Most commonly, stick is use by blind and elderly people as a support for their body to stand and walk. The most common disadvantage of walking stick is user should have to be in close proximity of obstacle so that he can sense the location of obstacle to avoid bumping while waggling. We proposed a new concept of walking stick which is helpful for both blinds and elderly people to
more » ... ove in unfamiliar environment and monitor their medical condition. In this methodology we have used different sensors mounted on a walking stick which will help a user to navigate easily indoor and outdoor along with monitoring their health. Unlike other electronic blind stick which were helpful in detecting obstacle and alert user we designed a stick having multiple feature embedded in a single stick. This stick used for detecting obstacle, pit ,water on ground to some level, location of user, pulse rate detection, body temperature measurement of user and alert another person by sending message about the health issue of user or some other emergency.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is030043 fatcat:drwqkg3gsnhenfud54jmyxerxm