Furrow-ridge mulching managements affect the yield, tuber quality and storage of continuous cropping potatoes

Yichen Kang, Weina Zhang, Xinyu Yang, Yuhui Liu, Yanling Fan, Mingfu Shi, Kai Yao, Shuhao Qin
2020 Plant, Soil and Environment  
The effect of FP (a flat plot without mulch), FPM (a flat plot with film mulching), RM (on-ridge planting with full film mulching), and FM (on-furrow planting with full film mulching) on the tuber and its storage quality of continuous cropping potatoes was investigated. The results showed that with the increase of continuous cropping years, the potato yield was reduced year by year. The furrow-ridge mulching film can significantly increase potato yield and reduce small tubers. Among them, the
more » ... . Among them, the yield of RM was the highest. From the perspective of tuber quality, RM had the highest dry matter content and starch content, while FP had the lowest. Meanwhile, the reducing sugar content of FP was always higher than that of other treatments. The amino acid content and vitamin C content of FPM, RM, and FM were higher than FP before and after storage. In addition, with the extension of storage time, the dry matter content, starch content, amino acid content, and vitamin C content of all treatments decreased, while the content of reducing sugar increased significantly. Thus, on-ridge planting with full film mulching (RM) can effectively improve potato yield and tuber quality before and after storage.
doi:10.17221/316/2020-pse fatcat:njrephfqpjfjper3gwtiqkcgri