Compendium of Medico-Legal Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. By Drs. Caldera Ciro and Balla Alberto. Biella: G. Testa, 1916. Pp. 278

J. K. Milne-Dickie
1920 The Journal of Laryngology Rhinology and Otology  
April, 1920.] Rhinology, and Otology. 127 MISCELLANEOUS. Meningo-encephalitis as the only Manifestation of Mumps: Report of Three Cases.-Tasker Howard. " Amer. Journ. Med. Sci," clviii, No. 5, p. 685. This paper is of interest to otologists in view of the association of mumps with the sudden onset of deafness. Metastatic lesions in mumps are well known, testifying to the general nature of the infection. Orchitis, mastitis, pancreatitis, arthritis, encephalitis and meningitis are at times met
more » ... h. Orchitis is occasionally recognised in the absence of any involvement of the salivary glands. Three cases reported are regarded as instances of mumps meningoencephalitis, in spite of the absence of inflammation of the salivary glands. They occurred in the presence, of a mumps epidemic. In two of the three cases there was recovered from the spinal fluid a, Gram-positive diplococcus. This was found in direct smear and grown in pure culture in both cases. The spinal fluid in.each case presented a moderate pleocvtosis, characterised by a predominance of mononuclear cells. The conditions with which we are familiar which show this picture are (a) syphilis, (6) sometimes tuberculous meningitis, (c) encephalitis lethargica and (d) mumps. Two of the three patients were certainly not syphilitic. Tuberculous meningitis and encephalitis lethargica are ruled out in all cases by the clinical course. J. S. Fraser.
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