О. Zgurska, T. Somkina
2020 Efektyvna ekonomika  
також ревізії спрямованості стратегічних цілей в напрямі протидії невизначеності та ризикам протягом усього періоду життєвого циклу підприємства. The article is devoted to the key potential opportunities, national agro-industrial enterprises' specifics advantages in the direction of effective economic spheres combination as a key potential opportunity to expand agri-food production and achieve a synergistic effect. There has been emphasized on finding a balance between the resource-competence
more » ... tential defining characteristics of enterprises and attracting additional innovative resources aimed at the development of additional activity areas. In the article have been determined that the unique opportunities for resource maneuverability in the diversification strategies system increase the argo-industrial enterprises' stability and competitiveness in today's dynamic market conditions. There has been noted the key features and conditions of agrofood enterprises individual strategic orientation in the direction of improving development strategies on an innovative basis. There have been determined that the enterprises-leaders of the agri-food sector have achieved high results due to the strategic complex of activities formation, focusing on effective economic element, applying the modern management concept. In the research has been analyzed the strategic prospects and capabilities of enterprises -leaders in the market of agri-food products, which identifies strategic innovation benchmarks of activity for the long run. There have been noted that the leading companies have achieved high results due to the correct approach to the strategic advantages formation in the business environment. There have been defined the key role of introduction processes of modern information technologies, technological decisions and biotechnologies in the enterprises' activity of agro-food complex that will provide efficiency of innovative strategies realization in the general strategic activity complex of the enterprises, revision the strategic goals' orientation in the direction of uncertainty and risks counteracting tested throughout the enterprise's life cycle. Ключові слова: агропродовольчий комплекс; агропромислове підприємство; ресурснокомпетенційний потенціал підприємства; стратегічні інноваційні орієнтири діяльності; інноваційна стратегія.
doi:10.32702/2307-2105-2020.12.3 fatcat:wwe6siuaczbobojkfnbyifr2ma