XII. Investigation of the arc in metallic vapours in an exhausted space. (Contribution from the Research Laboratory of General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y

E. Weintraub
1904 The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science  
The Arc in :Lfetallic Vapours in an Exhausted Space. 95 certainty for the discrepancy between his results and those which I obtained, but I think it probable that the apparatus which he used may not have been sensitive enough to detect the alteration in the ionization. He mentions that at the higher temperatures the " heated vessel appeared less active," but attributed this to some other cause. It looks extremely probable that this was a genuine effect, but that the detecting instrmnent was not
more » ... instrmnent was not sensitive enough to show the efibct to a sufficiently great extent. In the experiments which I did the electrometer used was a very sensitive one, giving a deflexion of about two thousand scale-divisions for a difference of potential of one volt between the quadrants. There was therefore no difficulty in detecting any alteration that might take place in the ionization. In conclusion I desire to express mythanks to Prof. Thomson for the kindly interest shown and advice given throughout the course of this investigation. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, Nov. 5th, ]903.
doi:10.1080/14786440409463094 fatcat:ppoaogbybfabbfyi2eh6gnnieq